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Easy. Affordable. Pain-Free.

Our simple at-home evaluation can reveal allergies and toxicities causing your pet's itching, chewing, ear infections, watery eyes and more.


Better Value

Get more for your money. Allergy assessments at your vet are marked up considerably and only assessment for a small number of allergens. ImmuneIQ evaluates your pet for over 100 factors and costs over 50% less.

Clearer Picture

We believe in showing pet owners what empowers your pet's immune system and what does not. This gives a more complete view of your pet's current immune intelligence.

Pain free

Most people are not aware of the methods used in popular allergy assessments. Using a scalpel to literally remove a layer of your pet's skin to send in and assessment or exposing your pet to a potential allergen and and driving it under their skin using needles are common practice, still today. ImmuneIQ is pain free and samples are easy to collect in the comfort of your pet's home.

Tens of Thousands of Pet Owners Know

How it works .. in 2 easy steps

Your pet's hair and saliva are loaded with valuable clues to the causes of their suffering and discomfort. Before you can properly treat and cure them

Step 1

Comb your dog or cat and fill the sealable baggie with hair.

Step 2

Rub the swab along your pet's gums or tongue until it is completely wet

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For $87, you will receive the ImmuneIQ assessment. It covers 125 different pet food ingredients and common environmental allergens and sensitivities. Allergies can be the cause of excessive scratching, paw chewing, dirty ears and more. In the shopping cart, you may add three additional assessments to your cart prior to checkout.


It may not be an allergy at all. It may be a toxin reaction. Toxins can be the cause of red irritated skin, fatty tumors, skin diseases and even cancers. These toxins can be absorbed through the paws, by licking the floor and dozens of other ways. We show you if your dog or cat has exposure(s) to dangerous herbicides like Roundup® and chemicals found in common household cleaning products. If these are present in your dog or cat, you can take appropriate action to flush them out through the proper detox supplementation. This is one of our most popular add-ons to our allergy assessment.


A latent bacterial or viral infection could be the reason your pet has ear or skin issues, lethargy and even more serious issues. This is our most popular add-on.


Fungal infections create severe, smelly ear infections, horrific skin disorders and even growths. They can spread throughout the body if left unchecked. This add-on evaluation looks for over 10 health-damaging mold and fungus strains, including ringworm and yeast overgrowth. They can be remedied quickly if you know your pet has them.

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