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Test your pet for allergies, toxins, bacterias and viruses and more...
Easy. Affordable. Pain-Free.

Our simple at-home test reveals allergies and toxicities causing your pet's itching, chewing, ear infections, watery eyes and more. Play video...

Top 10 reasons our customers chose the
ImmuneIQ test

We asked our customers why they purchased the ImmuneIQ test. Here's what they told us.

  1. I could not afford $1,000 allergy test and office visits
  2. I've tried everything and I can't figure out what is wrong
  3. We are not sure it's a food allergy. We want to know if it's something else.
  4. Benedryl®, Temaril-Pl®, steroids or other medications stopped working and Im worried about the side-effects
  5. The allergy tests we've researched just do not test enough
  6. My vet has run many test and still has no answers for us
  7. Your value was better than the other tests my vet told me about
  8. We tried an elimination diet and our pet's symptoms are just getting worse
  9. I wanted confirmation on another test(s) that I did for my pet
  10. I didn't want my pet to have to endure the skin prick or scratch tests

How it works... in 2 easy steps

Veterinarian Designed and Approved

ImmuneIQ has been endorsed by leading natural pet health magazine, Animal Wellness.
Vets agree allergies are more serious than just hair loss and itching. Allergies cause inflammation to the immune system. Constant inflammation from allergies can lead to fungal infections, immune diseases, digestive diseases and cancer. Immunotherapy treatments from veterinary dermatologists involve painful skin scraping tests and treatments that can add up to over $2,000-$3,000 in treatments over 3-5 years. Now you can test for over 125 irritants to your pet in one single test that was designed by veterinarians for dogs and cats.
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Frequently asked questions

  • How long will my test results take?

    Test kits can take up to 14-25 business days to be delivered and 14-25 business days to get results to your inbox via PDF report.

  • Why is your test unique?

    We combine the benefits of both hair and saliva testing which carry very different clues to the allergic reactions and condition of your pet.

  • How does your test differ from other allergy tests?

    The more you test for, the better it is for you and your pet. The more information you have, the better. ImmuneIQ was designed to offer more value than any other test available on the market. We test for over 125 food and environmental allergens.

  • What happens after I get the results?

    When you know what's wrong, we can make several recommendations to you.

  • How does your test differ from others

    Hair and saliva testing for allergies is not new. Our founder worked for over two years to build a test with the value and price point that would make allergy tests accessible to all pet owners.

  • How much hair do you need?

    We just need you to cut or comb out enough to fill our half inch by half inch baggie (not much).

  • Do antibiotics or drugs interfere with results?

    No. Our results do not change because of the medication your pet is taking.

  • Shampoo, flea products, sprays, etc. interfere with results?

    Dirty or clean, your pet's hair will test the same. We test the whole hair, not what is on top of your pets hair.

You must know what you are dealing with first.

See how you can get this test, FREE.
With test results in hand, you will save time and money on treatments. No more wasted money on supplements and treatments in hopes they will work. You can select the proper products or treatments and see results faster when you know what you are treating. This makes your pet feel better, quicker and gives you peace of mind, relieved of worry.